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My Approach

Jack de Saram, MA MBACP

Image by Evie S.

Living an Examined Life

Living an examined life means consciously and willing choosing to observe our own thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Examining our own inner experience can give us a richer understanding of ourselves. 

In sessions, we will look to examine your inner experience without judgment and without qualifiers such as "this thought is good" or "that emotion is bad". Instead, we will approach everything with neutral curiosity, welcoming everything and pushing nothing away. 

Through this process you will hopefully gain valuable insight through self discovery and illumination. This in turn can lead to new ways of experiencing yourself and an ability to proceed in life with a greater sense of inner peace. 

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a well researched and long-standing form of talking therapy. It involves examining the interactions between our thoughts, feelings and memories of the past. 

In sessions, we may talk about past experiences and memories and explore how they may be affecting the present. Through my process of listening, reflecting back and interpreting, I may be able to offer up new insight into unconscious dynamics of which you were not previously aware.  

Image by Linh Le
Image by Alexander Grey

Cultivating Awareness 

Inherent in the therapeutic relationship is the cultivation of a sense of awareness of our own thoughts, emotions and behaviours. In sitting with and discussing these things, we simultaneously create a distance between "us" and the thought or emotion. 

Through our process together, we can create a sense of freedom and liberation from the emotions and thoughts and reframe them as things happening to us rather then as us. 

This can help create a new vantage point from which to approach our inner experience. The one who notices the fear, isn't scared. 

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